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Top hearing aids + expert care without leaving your home

Why Hark?

We believe top hearing aids should be affordable, easy to get and make you feel positive. So we thought of everything.

We get it. You have a jam-packed schedule and want convenience. That’s why we offer Bluetooth hearing aids and expert care from licensed audiologists without ever having to leave your home.

Style TTOBluetooth, rechargeable, discreet
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Starting at $2200/pair
SilkPowerful, barely there
Starting at $2200/pair

How it Works

Easy, Online Hearing Assessment

Our hearing screening is built by leading experts in auditory neuroscience, signal processing and audiology. It only takes five minutes.

Free Consultation with a Licensed Audiologist

Meet with a licensed hearing expert from the comfort of your kitchen table. Get matched with hearing aids just right for you.

Free 72-hour Delivery and Follow-up Care

Your calibrated hearing aids are delivered to your door.  Free tele-fit and continuous care from trusted hearing pros.

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Our Medical Advisory Board

Hark's medical advisory board is made up of leaders at the forefront of hearing healthcare -- from a world-renowned ENT surgeon to the director of a top academic audiology center. These experts have helped guide Hark's innovative hearing health experience.

Dr. Anil LalwaniMD

Chief Medical Advisor

Columbia University

Chief, Division of Otology, Neurology, and Skull Base Surgery

Vice Chair Research, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Co-Director of Columbia Cochlear Implant Program

Jessica GalatiotoAuD

Chief Audiology Advisor

Columbia University

Director Audiology, Columbia University Medical Center

Asst. Professor of Audiology

J. Frank LanzettaAuD

Supervising Audiologist

Private Practice

15 years of clinical experience

Expertise in Evaluation and Fitting of Amplification Technology for Adults

Customer Reviews

Hear what our clients have to say about Hark
Herb F.
"Dr. Lanzetta really listened to me. He understood my hearing situation and priorities and set me up with great hearing aids. I love the fact that we made this happen all through Zoom."
Alexa M.
"I was due for new hearing aids, but was too busy with work, family and all. A friend told me about Hark, so I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. The process was easy and my new hearing aids are light years ahead of my old ones. They're a life changer!"
David S.
"I’ve put it off for years, but Hark made it so convenient, I ran out of excuses."