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We had an idea. What if hearing aids and care could happen from your home? You buy with a click. Get concierge hearing doc services scheduled around your busy life. All remote. It gets better. You pay ½ of what you’re used to, but still get five-star quality and service. Welcome to Hark.

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Styletto 3XHearing aids, remote care, and a 100-day money back guarantee.
Customizable, rechargeable, Bluetooth hearing aids for one affordable, all-inclusive price. $1950 or as low as $100/month.
Unlimited access to your personal hearing doctor who knows you and your situation. Responsive and knowledgeable.
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Take our easy, online hearing test

Built by leading experts in neuroscience and audiology, the test accurately captures your hearing profile. Already have results? Send us your audiogram.

Order hearing aids online

Buy rechargeable, Bluetooth hearing aids online. Devices are calibrated to your personal hearing profile and shipped to your front door.

Meet with your virtual hearing doctor anytime

Visit with your personal, on-call audiologist on Zoom—here to fine-tune your devices and help you out when you need it.

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Hark has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews.
Herb Fillmore
"The ease of doing consultations remotely was incredible and the Hark team’s ability to reach right into the device over the web is almost futuristic. The devices and technology are so 2021, but the service was old school. This is the way we should all be able to get good care."
Alexa Martinsdale
"The easy process had them in my hands (ears!) in just a few days and I could immediately tell there was a vast difference in the quality of the sound. Not only are the aids far superior to what I had and far surpassed my expectations, but the customer service is equally outstanding!"
David Singer
"After a friend referred me to Hark, I was able to engage and transact with an audiologist from beginning to end online (before work and during my lunch breaks) — and now have state-of-the-art hearing aids. It's a fraction of the cost of what I had planned to pay."
When's the last time you checked your hearing?
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Hark's medical advisory board is made up of leaders at the forefront of hearing healthcare -- from a world-renowned ENT surgeon to the director of a top academic audiology center. These experts have helped guide Hark's innovative hearing health experience.

Dr. Anil LalwaniMD

Chief Medical Advisor

Columbia University

Chief, Division of Otology, Neurology, and Skull Base Surgery

Vice Chair Research, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Co-Director of Columbia Cochlear Implant Program

Jessica GalatiotoAuD

Chief Audiology Advisor

Columbia University

Director Audiology, Columbia University Medical Center

Asst. Professor of Audiology

J. Frank LanzettaAuD

Supervising Audiologist

Private Practice

18 years of clinical experience

Expertise in Evaluation and Fitting of Amplification Technology for Adults