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Live your mental age.

My dad is the inspiration behind Hark. He’s an accomplished physics professor who was having problems hearing his soft-spoken students. So like any good scientist, he decided to fix the problem. After endless research, multiple office visits and a whopper of a bill at the end, he was the proud owner of a pair of hearing aids … that ended up living in his desk drawer. You see, in his words, hearing aids made him feel like “an old fart.” And while my dad is approaching retirement, on the inside he still feels 45— invigorated, energized and “crushing it.” His true age is his mental age.

I founded Hark because we all deserve to feel like the very best version of ourselves. Hearing aids should make you feel confident, empowered, and in the game.

That’s no easy feat. So we set out to remove the stigma surrounding hearing aids by offering Hark performance hearing tech—cutting-edge, design-forward product you’ll feel good about wearing. We streamlined the process to be super-convenient, giving you access to top audiologists; assessment, fitting, and delivery happen without ever leaving your home. Our goal is to give you an amazing experience at an affordable price.

Here's to living your mental age.

Janine Silvera
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In the News
What can you do to lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease?
Wall Street Journal, 6/7/2021
Hearing loss may be one of the biggest potentially reversible factors for Alzheimer’s risk. Studies have shown that if you have hearing loss for a long period, it causes shrinkage of brain regions that are very close to the memory centers. So hearing aids and regular hearing tests are very important.
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Expert Opinion
The Hearing Loss and Dementia Connection
Mayo Clinic Minute, 11/8/2019
There's evidence that improving hearing will improve cognition, and there might be even more significant connections there.
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Expert Opinion
Quality of life after intervention with a cochlear implant or hearing aid
Laryngoscope, 01/17/2016
Treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids results in significant increases in mental health quality of life.
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