What is Hark Wellness?

Hark is a new kind of hearing aid company offering affordable, advanced hearing aids previously only available at traditional hearing clinics. Our devices are paired with remote hearing doctor care to offer a convenient, expert hearing solution that works around your busy life.

How does the Hark process work?

Step 1: See if you’re a candidate for Hark. Get started here.

Step 2: Take our clinically-backed, 5-minute online hearing test or send us your audiogram. Click here to continue.

Step 3: Give us a call at 877-537-3708 or schedule an appointment. We’ll connect you with a licensed audiologist to discuss your hearing results and solutions.

Step 4: Complete checkout and receive your custom-programmed hearing aids within days.

Step 5: Visit with our audiologist on a video call or phone call for a personalization session to ensure optimal hearing and fit. Your hearing doctor can make adjustments to your hearing aids through a handy cell phone app, so in-office fine-tune sessions are a thing of the past. Your purchase also includes 3-years of unlimited access to our care team and 3-year warranty coverage for repairs and loss/damage replacement.

Why buy hearing aids online from a virtual audiology practice instead of an in-person traditional practice?

Online hearing aids: The online hearing aid and telehealth model puts you in control. At Hark, you can purchase advanced, name-brand hearing aids for 50% less than what you would pay in a traditional clinic. The online model reduces overhead and allows Hark to pass savings on to you.

Virtual care: The remote hearing care solution provides the convenience and flexibility needed to ensure easy access to high-quality care. Clients receive virtual care from their home or office allowing for greater scheduling flexibility along with easier and expedited access to top hearing doctors and super responsive customer service.

Traditional in-person hearing care relies on in-person appointments that necessitate long wait times and time-consuming commutes. This model of care typically comes with a higher price tag, and visits are often rushed due to traditional business model practices.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Hearing Aids?

Your individual insurance plan determines if you have hearing aid coverage or access to a discount hearing aid program. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider. If your insurance reports that you have out-of-network insurance coverage, we are here to assist you in filing for reimbursement after purchase.

How do I contact you?

Got questions? Please call 1-877-537-3708 or email hello@harkwellness.com to learn more.