SilkPowerful, barely there
Starting at $2200 /pair

The Silk packs in performance at an amazing price. State-of-the-art tech comes in one of the world’s smallest hearing aids that tuck completely into your ear canal.  And they’re about ½ the price compared to the national average.



Conversations become clearer.

Lost sounds are rediscovered.

Background noise is reduced.



Speech understanding is enhanced.

Sounds are crisper.



Hearing is optimized to its fullest.

Sound quality is clearer than ever.

100-Day Money-back Guarantee
3-Year Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
The Silk provides exceptional sound quality and natural hearing experience that adapts to the environment around you.
Quality Acoustics.
Clear sound and speech comprehension …..
Discreet, barely there.
You’ll feel confident knowing that this teeny device is barely noticeable.
Comfortable, secure fit.
The Silk has highly adaptable soft-silicon earbud inserts that stay in place and feel so comfortable.
Personalize your hearing with our handy app. It’s so easy to use. Set up your personal preferences, control volume and audio streaming. Connect with Hark hearing experts and get support when it’s convenient for you. All from your smartphone.
Need the app?
Need the app?