Our Personalized Bundle Includes Customized Hearing Aids + Expert Care
StylettoStylish, Advanced, Discreet
$1950 /pair

Hark's personalized bundle features the Styletto. Delivering high performance at an astounding value. Cutting-edge technology and sleek design give you a superior hearing experience at an affordable price.

Hearing Aids

Premium Technology

Bluetooth — stream calls, music and tv into your aids.

Rechargeable — up to 19 hours of battery life. Portable charger case holds 3 days of charges.

Advanced processors provide superior speech clarity.

Hearing Doctor Care

Unlimited Expert Care

Meet with your doctor by phone, video chat, text or email.

Your hearing aids are tuned to your prescribed fit.

Get professional adjustments through our handy app in minutes (no more office visits).

Service & Warranty

Risk-free & Comprehensive

100-day, risk-free trial.

3-year service repair warranty coverage.

3-years of loss/damage warranty coverage.

100-Day Money-back Guarantee
3-Year Warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
Styletto X by Signia
Personalized Hearing.
How do you hear better than ever? Through deep personalization. It starts with Styletto’s advanced tech. Pair that with a personal, on-call hearing doc who’s here to fine-tune whenever you need an adjustment. That gets you to optimal hearing. Best of all, care is completely remote through video calls, phone and our handy app.
Advanced Technology.
Styletto hearing aids last all day (average 19 hours) and include a free portable charging case that holds 3 days of charges. Bluetooth technology lets you stream phone calls, music and TV directly into your hearing aids.
Award Winning Design.
The Styletto is sleek and aerodynamic. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award for design excellence, the stylish form factor is preferred by 8 out of 10 people.*